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deltaT Energy

The Company

  • Professional German energy consulting and engineering company
  • Engineering services for energy systems
  • Team of highly competent engineers and consultants with global project expertise
  • Expertise with entire range of fossil and renewable fuels as well as  combustion systems
  • Supply chain support to identify the ideal components for each project



  • The global energy system is in transition to a low-carbon future and know-how sharing is needed to reach the paris Climate Accord
  • Most countries have significant CO2 emission reduction targets and financiers are increasingly looking at climate risk when funding projects
  • Broad portfolio of efficiency/renewable energy solutions for industrial client available
technology solution - deltat energy

We have the expertise to guide our clients through the broad technology landscape and advise on the most suitable technology solution .

Consulting & Expertise

Project Management
Technology analysis and selection
Supply chain support
Technical trainings


Energy concept development
Expert reports
Design works
Upgrade and optimisation of existing plants

Supply chain support

  • deltaT analyses suppliers and ranks them to achieve the best component quality, price, and delivery time
  • Long-term relationships with broad component supplier base
  • Component selection is supported by detailed understanding of operational requirements to optimise life-cycle cost



ISG is a solar technology company that develops, produces and distributes solutions for renewable energies, especially solar process heating. deltaT is closely cooperating and supporting ISG’s business development activities in the Middle East, South America and southern Europe.

Foto: Industrial solar GmbH


Global partner KED

KED is a technological and scientific software house from Germany that offers the software Power Plant Simulator & Designer (PPSD) for modelling and simulating the operation of nearly any type of thermal power plant.


The aleraSoft tool for EXCEL enables engineers and technicians to conduct EXCEL based complex process calculations efficiently and extremely fast. The program is based on more than 40 years of extensive engineering work in the field of thermodynamics and process design.

Click here to download and purchase the aleraSoft toolbox: